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The Secret to Crafting a Beautiful Breakfast Nook

Do you want a whole new experience every day you sit down to your cozy breakfast nook? It would be best to have a perfect space as you enjoy your first meal of the day. Furthermore, you do not need a large space to make it possible for a charming breakfast nook. There are a lot of ideas to craft a breakfast nook. Here is a compilation of the top ideas that should help you create your own.

Vintage and Color

Create a remarkable experience every time you sit down for breakfast within a cozy atmosphere with a cottage interior. You can use rustic furniture to make your breakfast comfortable, just as it would be in a cottage room. If you have any idea of adding a wood bench with a table to your breakfast, nook will do the perfect trick.

Do not live the top bare. You can play with different colors and flowers to make the experience even more unique and breathtaking. You can decorate the table with several flowers that make you feel at ease to create a pleasant place to enjoy your meal.

It would be best to use soft shades of white to lighten up your wall. After a long night’s sleep, you will wake up dull, and you need every available option to increase and lift your moods. Light walls and ceilings will do just that.

Tidy and Spacious

Customize your room according to your needs. When you have a large family, you need to make sure everyone is comfortable during your meal. You can ensure this by creating more room for everyone to sit. It would be best to have enough space to turn or leave the table without disturbing the other.

Flowers can light up the environment when placed on the big table. It would be best to leave the TV alone in this precious moment with your family. To make the room look tidy always, use light colors and seamless flowers to adorn your room creatively and beautifully. These will ensure your room has a simple look and keep your head focused.

Small and Cozy

You can have a comfortable little breakfast nook that defies the factor of size. When your room is small, and you want to create a fantastic experience for your breakfast session, you can still craft a nook to adorn the occasion. You will need to ensure the room gets a lot of natural light from outside. In this regard, the room should have a large window.

Natural light will automatically light up your moods and help you feel energized to tackle all the business of the day.


Breakfast is an important meal to start your day well. An excellent breakfast experience will keep you focused the rest of the day, making you more productive. Use these simple ideas to craft a breakfast nook for the best services.

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How to Style Your Reading Nook on a Budget

Are you looking to revamp the reading area in your home or office? Well, there are many amazing simple ways to achieve this without breaking the bank.

It is often said, less is more, and this is accurate, as you shall see using these styling tips for reading nook ideas from Tylko. These ideas focus on readily available items and simple DIYs, and affordable purchases that will immensely transform your space. A little will go a long way using the following simple ideas.

Refurbish Furniture Pieces

A reading nook is a small area, and it may appear difficult to transform the space without making any major changes. However, small adjustments such as a fresh coat of paint or switching the fabric to a brighter or bolder color could be all you need. Identify a theme you would want to see in your reading nook, and center your main furniture pieces on this theme. For example, staining naked wood with varnish for a rustic aesthetic.

Incorporate Pillows

Pillows come in various shapes, sizes, and designs that make a lot of difference in a space. This is because they are a simple way to incorporate color, texture, and geometry, depending on the type of pillows you choose. For comfort, soft and fluffy pillows are the most ideal. You can then get creative with the pillowcases to achieve a stylish finish on your reading chair.

Succulents and Artificial Plants

Plants have a way of generating a peaceful aura wherever they are placed or where they grow. Small plants on your bookshelf or your reading table offer simplicity and beauty without occupying a lot of space if you have one. The hint of green delivered by these small plants creates a balance as it is decorative in a not so obvious manner. Small plants are a more natural way of decorating as opposed to purchasing knickknacks.

Use Lamps

Lamps are timeless and classic décor pieces that have been used over the years to bring elegance and sophistication to a place. They are particularly beneficial in a reading nook as they are decorative and provide extra light when it’s dark, ideal for reading. If you have any lamps lying around the house, whether it is a big standing lamp or smaller tabletop lamps, consider moving them to your study nook for instant improvement on how your space looks and feels.

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How to Choose a TV Stand That Magically Fits Your Living Space and Style

Are you looking for ideas to tone up your living space, or you bought a modern and technologically-advanced TV, and you require a befitting stand? You are in the right place since this article contains some practical tips and tricks to help you achieve the dream.

The TV is the focal and gathering point in many homes, making a living room the most favorite space in the whole house. As a result, choosing a suitable TV stand makes your entertainment area attractive and improves the overall look of the entire room. Here are the tips you need to give it the best shot.


After spending money on purchasing your dream TV set, you need to enjoy the view. Setting the TV screen either too high or too low, will make viewing very uncomfortable and inconvenience your comfort. As a result, you should consider the height of your TV stand before purchase. The thumb rule for TV stand heights should be 42 inches. However, this height may differ due to the size of your sofa chairs.


The next significant aspect you should factor in is the material of the stand. This you may consider in the features of stability, durability, and your home’s aesthetics. Most TV stands are made of glass, metal, wood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), or particleboard. If stability is your main concern, then wood and metal stands should serve you better since they’re long-lasting. Most glass TV stands with metal reinforcements are also durable. Still, they are not suitable for high-traffic homes since keeping them clean and free of cracks will be tedious. Particle and MDF boards offer less longevity, but they’re a cost-effective alternative to wood.


Looks are very critical to your home. When choosing a suitable TV stand for your home, consider the one that blends well with your living room’s color patterns, interior décor style, and general aesthetics.


Although modern flat-screen TVs typically come with stable bases for equal weight distribution, your stand still needs to offer stability. Therefore, you should ensure that your frame is wider than the TV’s bottom to avoid overhanging. This is mostly to avoid accidents if your TV is in a high-traffic space. If the room is small, consider a style (such as a corner stand) that can adequately fit.

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